Astro Knot is an extremely addictive and superbly made game which is not only amazingly entertaining but also fun. In Astro Knot, you play an astronaut who is stranded on an island. The main objective of this game is to take your astronaut as high as you can while jumping along ledges in a constant upward vertical direction. You have to time your jumps as the sea level of the island is constantly rising and if it touches your astronaut, you have to start over. The ledges are cleverly placed above you and each one needs perfect direction and timing in order to jump over. The gameplay is simple, enjoyable and engaging. To control the astronaut, all you have to do is tap in the direction you want him to jump, and the astronaut will follow, the game seems difficult at first but once you get the hang of it, you will be coming back for just one more try in order to best your score.