Focus Locus is an intense game where players must move their dots as fast as possible. Move your dot through a series of loops to the centre to win the round. Think of the board as an atom and your dot is the electron moving towards the nucleus. If you don’t move your dot fast enough it will collide with the bigger ones. Dodge the bigger dots and make it  to the center to score high points! do it quickly or will you fall prey to the larger enemies. Play Focus Locus to test your concentration and test your sense of speed.

You must work quickly to bypass the multiple circles in this rapid game of speed and agility. Guide your dot in such a manner that you do not encounter any obstacle. The faster you get to the middle, the more points you earn. Beware, for the larger dots keep moving around each loop. Their speeds vary at each point in the game and you must reach the center without encountering them. Once you reach the centre, you proceed to the next level, where there are more circles and even more dots to dodge. If you collide with a larger dot, it is game over for you!