Best hunting simulator for mobile platform with all essential wildlife hunt simulation components:
1.Hugest terrain ever made for hunt game
2.Big collections of amazing weapons
3.Various wild animals and birds with realistic behavior
4.Real daytime system - morning, day, evening, night
5.Sound effects which will give you realistic feeling of wildlife environment

Game simulates the life of a hunter. Hunter can have home positions inside the world, explore all regions, hunt with his owned guns. Hunter can take sniper and shoot from distance, but he needs to aim carefully not to scare the animal. There are also shotguns, pistols, automatic weapons. But wild hunt lovers will like rifles made especially for hunting.

Types of environments inside the world:
 - Forests
 - Deserts
 - Rocks
 - Valleys
 - Mountains
 - Vulcanos
 - Lakes, rivers
 - Fields
 - Cold winter

Wild hunt animals:
 - Lion
 - Eagle
 - Bear
 - Elephant
 - Crocodile
 - Hippopotamus
 - Rhinoceros
 - Stag
 - Wolf
 - Zebra
 - Boar
 - Pigeon
 - Fox
 - Rabbit

 - Glock 18
 - Winchester 21
 - AWC G2
 - Mauser MK-98
 - SAR
 - M200
 - Mossberg 500
 - AK-47
 - SVD
 - L115A3
 - TOZ-25
 - M4A1
 - ESR
 - SV-98
 - MP 153
 - M14
 - EVI-665

Feel yourself a wildlife hunter, explore the world, find animals, aim, shoot, enjoy hunting experience, sell hunted animals in market to earn money.