Offroad Motorbike Simulator 3D is a mix of offroad moto riding, motocross, motorbike racing and hill climbing. Its created for driving lovers and is an all in one pack where you can drive different motorbikes in various amazing environments.

Game includes challenges/levels + free open world moto simulator!

There are 4 types of levels:
 MOTOCROSS - to complete the offroad motocross you need to pass all checkpoints and get to the finish line on time
 RACE - roads and highways - drive to complete race and get to the finish line as fast as possible
 JUMP - feel real moto jumping experience - drive and control your moto professionally to be able to win this levels
 CHECKPOINTS - find right routes and drive through distance checkpoints which will give you extra time to win the level

Motorbike Simulator comes with different environments like:
 - Desert, Safari
 - Mountains at night
 - Cold winter, ice, frozen lakes
 - Special scene with red desert rocks, icy high mountain, fields and lakes
 - Ocean islands, bridges and dust
 - Forest

Ride one of this great motorbikes:
 - Honda CR125
 - Ducati
 - KTM 450
 - BMW
 - Sherco 300 ST
 - Harley-Davidson
 - Suzuki Katana
 - Yamaha Raider S

Good Luck!