War is everywhere. Take your gun, shoot enemies in different parts of the world. You will have shooting battles in the fields, mountains, deserts, cities in winter and summer. Shooting simulator includes different guns: assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns, snipers also big variety of missions. Shoot all enemies and bring the victory.

Missions contain:
 - distance shooting simulator with snipers and other guns
 - shooting in narrow streets and near shooting inside enemy military bases
 - defending position missions where enemies are attacking and you have to stay alive and defend position
 - battles where you win only if you kill all enemies

 3 types of snipers (Dragunov, MK12, SVD)
 3 types of assault rifles (M4A1, AK47, AA12)
 3 types of machine guns (CWP, Vector, UMP)
 a shotgun (SAR)
 a pistol

Enjoy this shooting 3D simulator and try also other simulators from VAPP team!