Tank Simulator : Battlefront is a premium class free tank simulator, available in iTunes Store and Google Play. It is designed by tank battle lovers for tank battle lovers!

Simulator comes with legendary tank models like T90, T95, Type 10 and other modifications.

For tank battles and levels there are 6 amazing environments:
 - Mountains
 - Winter
 - Desert
 - Islands
 - Battlefront
 - Special

You can earn money by passing levels and organizing battles. Battles include also team mode where you can have teammates and destroy all enemies together.

Use your money to buy better tanks.

There are many kinds of levels for tank battle simulation:
 - Attack: you need to destroy some amount of enemy tanks within some timeframe to win the battle
 - Survive: tank is damaged and you can't move. Goal is to survive and wait for help from our forces.
 - Waves: enemy is attacking! Destroy all waves of tank attacks
 - Biathlon: pass through obstacles, drive your tank to the final position

Enjoy tank simulator, shoot enemies, complete missions and win the war! To Battle!!!


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